Nataley Lynn

go site As soon as she was old enough to take walks, Nataley would stop and hug the trees along the path. As she grew, so did her love of nature, finding inspiration and beauty in some of the most mundane things. Rocks would be stashed in her dresser, fallen twigs under her bed, old birds’ nests on her vanity, and dirt proudly displayed in a vase. the love
Nataley is 14 and uses her unique view of the world to create  jewelry and accessories with rocks, fossils, meteorites, shells, and, of course, feathers.

click Feather Brained was named as a nod the divine comedy summary to her four pet ducks that you can meet below.

Прущие растения

Meet the Ducks

Москва Бутово Северное The ducks behind Feather Brained are four of Nataley’s beloved ducks, who supply her with lots of feathers to work with!

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Lone Ranger

go The only female of the flock, ”Ranger” likes to talk, a lot, and is very loud to make sure she is heard. She’s a born leader and adventurous.


Миасс купить закладку: меф-мефедрон, фен-амфетамин, кокаин, героин, мдма, экстази, ски кристаллы скорость, гашиш, шишки и бошки Named for obvious reasons, Aflac is a large White Peking. He really likes meal worms for a treat. Aflac has very bright, white feathers and enjoys a good grooming.

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Doctor Duck Doctor Duck was the first to learn to knock on Nataley’s back door of the house to get a treat with his beak. He was named after a children’s book character.


Мдпв мефедрон купить москва Tonto is an Indian Runner, like his friend Lone Ranger. He loves to get his belly rubbed and to be rocked like a baby.

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