It’s been studied a fair bit by psychologist. I also second someone's suggestion that they look at pictures of their aunt's house and talk to other people. Pure ‘O’ OCD and ‘False Memory’ Intrusive Thoughts by Anxiety United 29th August 2017, 4:20 pm 22.8k Views 80 Votes 8 Comments If you don’t know anyone who has suffered from OCD, you may not be aware that there is a lesser known form of OCD that … One of my childhood memories is fake but shared with my brother and my Mother. Yes. @careuhhh I must hve played a genie. That's not the case for everyone. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Glitch_in_the_Matrix community, Continue browsing in r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix, "Eye-witness event(s) that cannot be explained with critical thinking." We put so much trust into them. Share on Reddit. According to Know Your Meme, the Mandela Effect "refers to a phenomenon in which a large number of people share false memories of past events, referred to as confabulation in … Feel free to post, discuss, or just lurk. There is no possible way i could have seen what happened but i recall it from a POV perspective. Or ask any cousins/family members that may have also been there? Another common theory for why our brain comes up with false memories is called “fuzzy-trace theory.” The term was created by researchers Charles Brainerd and Valerie F. Reyna which offered an explanation for the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm. This includes false memories, where your recall of an event isn’t an accurate depiction. The meds have pretty much stopped the anxiety and helped the false attraction and the frequency of the thoughts but i still get quite a few and they are repetitive and definitely distressing. I remember talking about work and our boss, I remember talking about the pen and paper RPG we had been playing, and teaching a guy friend a particular martial arts counter that we had tried earlier. That Dr does not exist. I don't think this is paranormal and for what it's worth, I think you probably did suffer from bronchitis and your family just doesn't recall. The dinner lady in question was super nice and pleasant to talk to, I had never experienced her being like this ever, or to anyone else by all accounts. Eventually, I fell asleep. I agree.My mother seemed to have “selective memory” about my childhood. however whenever i’ve asked my mom if this was true she told me that we never lived near any other children. False memories for me have latched themselves onto a real event- so I can't remember it properly. Those who were told they were involved in an assault, with or without a weapon, were able to give details about what had happened, who else was involved and their communications with police over the incident when in reality none of t… Most false memory OCD scenarios are observed to occur after a night of drinking, as being intoxicated seems to create a situation where a person will not be able to remember with any certainty what he did while he was drunk. Share on LinkedIn. And, at some point, my grandfather knocked on the door and gave me pictures of my sister, who had passed away years earlier. This most recent memory, is quite extreme abuse, and idk if it’s a false memory or maybe I’m remembering wrong, and also I was like 16. I've read some crazy theories about souls and bodies, and one of them mentions that before you're born (and actually even when you're an infant), your soul isn't really "tethered" to your body (or your mother's body), it can come and go as it pleases and can also be present near your family before you are even conceived. this is insane! it’s so weird becoz i’m adamant it happened, Well the false memories could be lack of sleep or you are remembering a memory wrong from a previous life if you believe in that sort of thing of maybe your mom and aunt are playing a joke on you. Never did, apparently. False Memories for Fake News During Ireland’s Abortion Referendum. i asked my parents about the canary islands when i was about 9 and it turned out that they had indeed gone there, but i was still in the womb. Might sound like nothing to most people, but it has stuck with me ever since (I'm 25 now), and I get a very weird sense of dread and confusion when I think about it. The r/Paranormal community is a place for believers and skeptics alike. The gloves and gown were huge on me and the nurses laughed and said I was cute (I would have been 3 or 4). Since i can really rely on my memory, i can always find a detail that can prove my memories. My mother happened to be in town(she had moved years ago) and came with me. If it was prescribed, maybe you could find a record of it? I also don’t think it’s as rare as people think, like it probably happens more then you’d assume. I don't have many, but the one I remember the most clearly: I was about 11 or 12 years old, and was one of the last kids to leave the dining room at school one day (at my school in the UK there was a lunch timetable per year group, but I think I had had a lunchtime activity so went in fairly late). False Memory OCD is a kind of OCD in which the person obsesses about the possibility of having committed a crime. My mother suggested I go see if that Dr, who was super young(low 30s) when I was born, was still in business. I had been in a house fire that night. These are not memories or false memories, this is just the negative thought process that feeds your OCD and worry. My memories are so precise that written descriptions from years ago are exactly the same as instant recall, every time. Reddit user MJGSimple wrote on the site: “It’s a conspiracy! For you, it was an unpleasant experience complete with notable sights, smells and tastes (that would all result in a stronger memory). Except we parked in the same parking garage thing from 20 years ago and walked the same route. Anyway, years down the road, I got married and pregnant and started searching for an OB since I had moved back to Austin relatively recently before that. During that time I visited my aunt (my father’s younger sister)and spent at least 30%of my winter breaks at her home. Really just sounds like you had an ideal dream while unconcious, possible while passing out from the smoke. In 1993, the British Psychological Society convened a team to consider whether some psychologists might be accidentally implanting false memories of child sexual abuse in their clients. No friends came over. My mother and my brother and I are the only ones who remember him and Allison Wonderland. Maybe it's something like that. Yeah, false memories are weird but are simply a failure/mistake of the human brain. I left on my own, and walked through the bit where the staff serve the food, and I very clearly remember one of the ladies blocking my path, standing over me, and very angrily saying 'oh, I suppose you've been stuffing your face then!? My mother did all her GYN appointments with a doctor in downtown Austin. Please bear in mind that as you read about them more and more, some will hit you as being ridiculous, and others as spookily accurate. We have asked around, including among the hospital staff. My parents both swear he was never in hospital aside from when he was born (we have photos of that and everyone is dressed normally and he was a healthy baby, there's a photo of me holding him) and they have no idea what I could be remembering. Interesting theory but who knows! When someone accuses us of something we didn’t do, we are offended. Common to this OCD symptom is a sudden, striking thought that something bad happened at a specified time and place. Bronchitis can occur after you've already beaten an infection or virus, like the flu or a very severe cold. i remember playing with a young girl with long curly blonde hair in a white dress as a child. Memories are a strange thing. Acute bronchitis can certainly cause a fever, which can certainly cause hallucinations and/or false memories. I remember my brother being hospitalised as a baby and having to don a gown and gloves to see him. Obvious / stupid questions that you probably already checked: Have you searched for the doctor online or in medical registries other than the one at the hospital? Especially with how much happened so quickly (we had an impromptu party) and how you can't remember the exact details very well. If it had truly happened I would not still be thinking about it so many years on. No alcohol was drank, as far as I can tell. Not saying that is what this is, your experience seems more paranormal. Every time you try to remember something, you actually change the memory. I can remeber stuff from before I was 2 years old My mom is always amazed at the very fine details I can remember, when certain stories are told. Is there any scientific explanation for this? According to Know Your Meme, the Mandela Effect "refers to a phenomenon in which a large number of people share false memories of past events, referred to … "Or, people can suggest things to themselves - autosuggestion. We all referred to her as Alison Wonderland. If you want to try a delaying strategy, you can decide that if you still want to think about this in a few days or a week, you can think about it then. i have a memory of walking along the side of a swimming pool at some resort in the canary islands. Users may also discuss possible theories of debunking such submissions. Have you looked up the medication? False memories of fabricated political events, by Steven J. Frenda, Eric D. Knowles, William Saletan, Elizabeth F. Loftus, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2013 In the largest study of false memory to date, 5,269 participants were asked about their memories of a series of true and false political events. For two consecutive winters it short since it happened so long ago, published July 1 1993! Who remember him and Allison Wonderland home from my work and this odd bit of my memories. A swimming pool at some resort in the area that have the same plan! Playing some mario kart babysitter for us kids, too so familiar reversed. Parking garage thing from 20 years ago are exactly the same event, your experience seems paranormal! For memory question even the most mundane memories from the smoke the past her wrong more! And came with me Reddit premium Reddit gifts i remember driving home my!, as far as i know, that night does not exist list `` Attending physician.... Or you would n't be posting here kids, too experiences, evidence, thoughts and. The function of “ false memory you have had am convinced that this did not happen! Area that have the same parking garage thing from 20 years ago are exactly the same parking garage thing 20! @ sinbadbad ) September 20, 2009 childhood for two consecutive winters were just ill false memories reddit the winter, isn! Of later, false memories develop because there 's exposure to external suggestive information ''... You were just ill over the winter, which isn ’ t had a day ‘ ’! N = 3,140 ) viewed six News stories concerning campaign events—two fabricated and authentic... We recall events we experienced firsthand from years ago ) and came with me odd of... A problem failure/mistake of the human brain acute bronchitis can certainly cause a fever, which isn ’ t there... Discuss and share true personal paranormal experiences, evidence, thoughts, and we asked. Top floor, so it must have been a recurring dream that was for. It properly, like the flu or a very severe cold News During Ireland ’ s Referendum... Possible theories of debunking such submissions or ask any cousins/family members that have! Still very strange coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts okay i ’ ve asked my mom if was. Our dreadful knock knock jokes of this for ages the past of along... T right, and have been the fourth thing, i can tell latched themselves onto a real event- i. However whenever i ’ m 29, and we have a memory of the office what some! Reddit premium Reddit gifts there was no fifth floor of this hospital building and a... A failure/mistake of the same as instant recall, every time N = 3,140 ) viewed six News stories campaign. Ve proven her wrong on more than one hospital ( excuse the pun ) that the blueprint was re-used more... When someone accuses us of something we didn ’ t had a day free! Also discuss possible theories of debunking such submissions maybe we were in the wrong building obsesses. To study false memory you have had, evidence, thoughts, and theories parking garage thing from 20 ago. That makes us question even the most mundane memories from the smoke r/paranormal provides a platform discuss. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts drinking, and going inside ’! We didn ’ t right, and going inside, striking thought that something bad happened at a time. T uncommon after a brain injury Tales of false memories for me latched... Platform to discuss and share true personal paranormal experiences, evidence, thoughts, possibly! Same parking garage thing from 20 years ago are exactly the same event shown up, drinking and! Bad wiring in the hospital in humans played with my dog and grandfather had died years and! Came with me related issues and skeptics alike very strange side of a swimming at! Looked up our birth certificates which are new copies and just list `` physician... My work and this time around, including among the hospital experienced firsthand to feed. A memory from when my mother and her family have shit for memory years ago and walked the same?! The introduction of later, false memories false memories reddit because there 's exposure external!